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Healthy Food Procurement in the County of Los Angeles Webinar

Center TRT hosted a Healthy Food Procurement webinar, featuring an initiative developed by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (DPH) to create healthier food environments through the adoption and implementation of nutrition standards and healthy food purchasing practices in all County of Los Angeles departments that purchase, distribute or sell food. In 2011, the County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors adopted Healthy Food Promotion in Los Angeles County Food Service Contracts, a motion which established a process for the County’s Department of Public Health to develop nutrition standards and/or healthy food procurement practices in new and renewing Requests for Proposals (RFP) for food service and vending contracts across County departments. DPH, as the coordinating agency for the motion, reviews and assesses current practices; provides training and technical assistance for departmental staff that handle food service and vending contracts; and, for quality improvement purposes, evaluates contract implementation of nutrition standards and adherence by contracted food vendors.

The initiative covers county departments that offer or sell food in a variety of venues, including: worksite cafeterias, hospitals, vending machines, concession stands, meal programs for seniors and children, and institutions such as jails and juvenile halls/camps.

Los Angeles County’s model can be replicated by state, county and city health departments.

This webinar included:

  • a Center TRT overview of the intervention, including core elements, evidence-base, and potential for public health impact (10 mins)
  • a presentation covering implementation, resources needed, and lessons learned (40 mins)
  • a Q & A session (10 mins)


Michelle Wood, MPP
Program Manager 


 Webinar Slides (notes pages)

 Webinar Slides (full page slides)