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A New Leaf...Choices for Healthy Living

Before You Download...

This intervention has been carefully developed and tested. In order for it to be as effective for you as it has been for others, it is important that you follow implementation guidelines carefully and limit adaptation to just those things that can be adapted without sacrificing the quality of the intervention.

Before you download the New Leaf materials, please take a moment to read through the usage agreement.

Agreement for Users

We agree not to make any changes to the New Leaf materials without express written permission in advance from the UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (HPDP). Our intent is to use these materials for educational and/or research purposes.

We will include UNC copyright information when reproducing  New Leaf  in the original or in an adapted form.

We understand that technical assistance for culturally tailoring  New Leaf  is available from the Center of Excellence for Training and Research Translation.

Intervention Materials

In 2007, the New Leaf materials were updated to incorporate the latest U.S. federal guidelines on nutrition and exercise science.

In addition to nutrition, physical activity and tobacco cessation, the New Leaf program includes content on achieving a healthy weight, diabetes prevention and management, osteoporosis prevention, and dealing with stress and depression.  A New Leaf includes several different types of materials: risk assessments, tip sheets with behavior change suggestions, general information, an exercise module, and a recipe book.

Intervention Implementation

 Health Counselor Instructions for A New Leaf

Participant Notebook

Option 1:    Complete New Leaf Notebook

Option 2: New Leaf Notebook (by sections)

Participant Cookbook

 New Leaf Cookbook

 New Leaf Cook Book (front & back cover)

Exercises for Participants

 New Leaf Exercise Module

High-resolution Files for Printing

Participant Notebook

 Complete New Leaf Notebook

Participant Cookbook

 New Leaf Cookbook