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A New Leaf...Choices for Healthy Living

Lifestyle Assessments

To Take the Lifestyle Assessment, click here.

Lifestyle assessments are a core element of many health behavior change interventions. The Center TRT offers web-based Healthy Living Assessments that are appropriate for use by programs focusing on healthy behavior change. To facilitate their use by any program, the web-based lifestyle assessments are not identified with a specific program and they are free-of-charge. 

The web-based Lifestyle Assessments provide a structured assessment and counseling tool that emphasizes practical strategies (tip sheets) for making healthy lifestyle changes. There are five assessments with matching tip sheets: 

  • Food
  • Physical Activity
  • Weight
  • Bone Health
  • Quitting Tobacco

On the opening screen of the Healthy Living Assessments are instructions for taking the assessments and a link to instructions for health counselors/interventionists. Downloadable instructions for the health counselor include:

  • An overview
  • How to use the assessments and tip sheets
  • How to set goals and provide counseling