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Connecticut Breastfeeding Initiative

This section outlines the aspects of an intervention that are central to its theory and logic and that are thought to be responsible for the intervention’s effectiveness. Core elements are critical features of the intervention’s intent and design and should be kept intact when the intervention is implemented or adapted.

To learn about how these core elements were implemented by the CBI, please see the implementation section below.

  1. Engage a Baby-Friendly Hospitals expert (either an existing staff person or a consultant).
  2. Explain the initiative and dispel myths by conducting a hospital information session about the Baby-Friendly designation process and Steps. Encourage attendance of multidisciplinary groups, including administrators, managers and direct care providers.
  3. Develop and implement a selection process to ensure that enrolled facilities meet baseline criteria, including readiness. CBI criteria included:
    • Demonstrated buy-in by top administrators (e.g., CEOs).
    • A functioning multidisciplinary breastfeeding committee.
    • Hospital completion of an initial assessment or application that identifies readiness to incorporate evidence-based maternity care practices.
    • Records of relevant public pay options and statistics by hospital.
  1. Once facilities are selected, provide the Baby-Friendly USA Self-Appraisal Tool to all participating facilities for completion. This assessment tool will assist the Baby-Friendly expert consultant in determining the most helpful and appropriate next steps in working with each participating facility.
  2. Deliver or support the delivery of the 15 lessons, which meet Step 2 of the Ten Steps outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF.
  3. Provide technical assistance, consulting time, and peer learning opportunities.
  4. Provide financial assistance for the designation process and for disseminating educational materials for staff and patients.
  5. Conduct a mock survey at the end of the technical assistance/training period to assess practice changes adopted and implemented, as well as informing the individual hospital of its readiness for review by Baby-Friendly USA.