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Connecticut Breastfeeding Initiative

Resources Required

The total CBI budget was $163,181 for working with 10 hospitals to assist them in moving towards Baby-Friendly Designation. This number includes costs for: the evaluation conducted by PDA; the training space; salaries for the Baby-Friendly expert consultant/trainer and administrative assistant; and the standardized fees the CBI paid to Baby-Friendly USA per hospital to enter the Baby-Friendly process.

Staff: Staffing for the CBI included the roles below, which are listed along with the annual estimate of each position’s time devoted towards the CBI expressed as FTEs. No new DPH staff were hired to support the project. However, some current staff members’ time was considered in-kind (paid by a source other than CPPW). Time contributed by the CBC was also in-kind as the coalition has no paid staff beyond the consultant/trainer and administrative assistant hired specifically for this project. The connections across projects and funding sources contributed to the strength of the CBI and other breastfeeding projects at the Dept. of Public Health.

  • State level project coordinator (DPH), .25 FTE (in-kind)
  • State level project support: community/WIC liaison (DPH), .05 FTE (in-kind)
  • Contracting organization project oversight (CBC), 1.0 FTE (in-kind contribution by multiple CBC members)
  • Baby-Friendly expert consultant, .1 FTE (paid thru CPPW)
  • Baby-Friendly trainer, .06 FTE (paid thru CPPW);
  • Administrative Assistant, .13 FTE (paid thru CPPW)

The consultant and the trainer were the same person for the CBI; however, this structure may not work for or be applicable to other states or cities. Department of Public Health staff time listed above was leveraged from other existing positions. As mentioned above, this cross-project coordination was a strength of the CBI structure. Because Step #10 (community support) plays an important role in the success of the BFHI, DPH’s involvement not only in the management of the grant and CBC contract, but also involved to understand how the CBI would impact other DPH programs (such as WIC or child care), was a critical step in building DPH institutional knowledge for what has traditionally been a hospital-based program and to increase the project’s reach and sustainability.

Note: This may not be a comprehensive list of all resources and time dedicated to the project.


  • Training curriculum for in-person training or access to other training options, such as train-the-trainer or online options. Some of these training options are free, and some cost money. The CBI consultant compiled a list of training options, which is available in the Intervention Materials section of this template.
  • Educational materials for staff and patients.
  • Training materials that were printed for attendees (maternity staff).
  • Project materials, such as computer and projector, for conducting training.

Cost of 4-D Pathway and Baby-Friendly Designation for hospitals (fees differ slightly for free-standing birth centers):

The CBI allocated $40,000 ($4000 per hospital) to pay for the designation process, and $7500 ($750 per hospital) for dissemination of educational materials to staff and patients/families. To stay on the 4-D Pathway with Baby-Friendly USA, the facility must pay a yearly fee. Facilities have one year to complete each phase and move to the next phase, or the facility must pay the fee again to continue in the process. The current costs are as follows (at the time the CBI was initiated the costs were different):

  • Cost of Discovery: $0
  • Cost of Development: $3000
  • Cost of Dissemination: $3000
  • Cost of Designation: $3000
  • Annual maintenance fee for facilities: $1000/year

The current fee schedule is available here: http://www.babyfriendlyusa.org/get-started/4d-fee-schedule