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Weight-Wise is a 16-week, group-based weight loss program that focuses on changing lifestyle behaviors to promote weight loss. Weight-Wise builds on theories of behavior change that emphasize setting achievable goals, building self-efficacy or confidence, and providing opportunities for problem-solving and group social support. The program emphasizes the DASH eating plan1, moderate caloric restrictions to promote 1-2 lb/week weight loss, and 150 minutes/week of physical activity. A session leader guides the group sessions using principles of motivational interviewing.

Weight-Wise was adapted from the intervention materials and strategies used in the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)2, and the PREMIER3 and Weight Loss Maintenance Programs4 to address the needs of midlife and lower-income women. The behavior change strategies were kept intact, and the educational component was adapted so that the format would accommodate women with lower literacy levels and writing skills. Additionally, activities and food items were selected that would be culturally acceptable for southern women. 

Intended Population: The Weight-Wise program is designed for use with low-income, midlife women who are overweight.

Setting: The program is designed for use in community-based organizations, such as community health centers, public health departments, or churches.

Length of time in the field: The program was developed and pilot-tested from 2005-07. The Weight-Wise intervention materials were updated in 2008.