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Resources Required

Staff:  Two key staff positions are recommended for successful program implementation. Staff positions could be full- or part-time, depending on the scope of your project.

  • A session leader who is trained in motivational interviewing techniques and familiar with conducting group-based lifestyle interventions can facilitate the sessions. In the past, Weight-Wise session leaders have included health educators, nurses, and dietitians.

  • A program assistant helps the session leader with program implementation. Job responsibilities may include making reminder or follow-up phone calls to participants, photocopying participant handouts for sessions, preparing foods for taste-testing, arranging the meeting room, recording each participant’s weight at sessions, and other related support duties.

Training: Training is highly recommended for the session leader and the program assistant. In the first two Weight-Wise programs, the staff attended four 5-hour training sessions over a four-week period, completed two hours of homework/week for the 4 weeks, and also completed 4-6 hours of online instruction about nutrition and physical activity science. In-person training session topics included: weight management guidelines, behavior change in adults, behavior change for weight loss, motivational interviewing principles, group counseling strategies, and practice sessions for group facilitation.

Materials:  The session leader will need to obtain a copy of the Weight-Wise Leader’s Guides (described in the “Intervention Materials” section), which can be downloaded free-of charge at http://www.hpdp.unc.edu/research/wwlg. Within the Leader’s Guides is a supply checklist for specific materials used at each session.

Participants receive the following materials:  

  • A calorie counter booklet for estimating calories of most foods (estimated cost of $9/book)

  • Food and Fitness Diaries (see Intervention Materials section for description)

  • Pedometer (estimated cost $10/each)

  • Stretch (resistance) band (estimated cost $2/each)

  • New Leaf Manual (see Intervention Materials section)

Other program costs include:

  • Foods for taste-testing at each group session

  • Physical activity DVDs for group-based exercise

  • Small incentives or door prizes (optional, but highly recommended)

Other Costs: A “one time” equipment cost may include the purchase of a high-quality scale for taking participants’ weekly weights.