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Baltimore Healthy Stores (BHS)

Intervention Materials

Intervention materials are available for free but are in a password-protected section of the website.  Persons who wish to obtain the password are required to complete a brief online form and describe their organization/program and state how they intend to use the materials:

Materials for consumers

  • Shelf labels

  • Recruitment materials for shoppers

  • Nutrition education flyers

  • See below, materials for 5 themed phases

Materials for store owners

  • Store owner Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cultural Guidelines

  • Store Guidelines

Note: each of these materials must be translated into the native language of store owners

Materials for 5 themed phases

  • Posters for promoted foods, by phase

  • Food for taste testing of promoted foods, by phase

  • Recipe cards for promoted foods, by phase

  • Giveaways (e.g., lunch bags,strainers and water bottles)