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Color Me Healthy

Core Elements

This section outlines the aspects of an intervention that are central to its theory and logic and that are thought to be responsible for the intervention’s effectiveness. Core elements are critical features of the intervention’s intent and design and should be kept intact when the intervention is implemented or adapted.

  1. Training for Child Care Providers:  North Carolina uses the train-the-trainer model.  Color Me Healthy staff provides training to Cooperative Extension Family & Consumer Sciences Agents and county Health Promotion Coordinators who in turn conduct trainings for local child care providers. 

  2. Curriculum and Teaching Materials for Teachers: The Color Me Healthy curriculum includes twelve lessons designed for use during Circle Time; six imaginary trips that allow the children to use their imagination to travel to different places and events; four sets of picture cards; three classroom posters; a CD with seven original songs; and a hand stamp to reward participation in CMH.

  3. Developmentally Appropriate Lessons: Color Me Healthy includes twelve lessons that are highly interactive and that integrate developmentally appropriate learning activities.  The lessons are taught during Circle Time, a part of the day when children gather to learn and interact. In addition, Color Me Healthy includes six imaginary trips.

  4. Color Me Healthy Music: Color Me Healthy includes seven original songs; children love to sing and dance to these upbeat tunes.  These engaging, stick-with-you songs enhance the lessons and can reinforce messages throughout the day.

  5. Reinforcing Classroom Environment: Lessons are reinforced by making the classroom a colorful, inviting environment that supports the messages taught to children.  The Color Me Healthy Kit includes classroom posters, ideas for bulletin boards, and teacher tips for ways to enhance the classroom.