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Color Me Healthy


Note: This section of the template provides a succinct outline of the basic steps to implement the intervention. A more detailed implementation guide is available in Intervention Materials, providing a thorough description of the implementation process.

The implementation of Color Me Healthy occurs at multiple levels and includes the following steps:

  1. Train-the-trainer sessions:    Staff must be trained to provide training to child care providers on implementation of the Color Me Healthy program. The Color Me Healthy Training Manual provides guidance on planning and conducting training or states can create their own train-the-trainer model based on their needs. The Color Me Healthy staff in North Carolina is available to conduct train-the-trainer workshops in other states.  For more information, see the Training and Technical Assistance section of this template.

  2. Training for child care providers:  The Color Me Healthy trainers provide training for child care providers. A trainer’s manual with instructions, ideas, and suggestions regarding content of the training is available to facilitate the delivery of trainings with child care providers.  During this training, participants spend time modeling the Circle Time activities in order to help them become familiar and comfortable using the Color Me Healthy activities with the children.  Each child care provider receives a copy of the CMH toolkit to use in their classrooms at the conclusion of the training.

  3. Delivery of Color Me Healthy curriculum: Trained teachers use the Color Me Healthy Kit to teach the twelve lessons during Circle Time.  Each Circle Time lesson includes teaching ideas related to healthy eating and being active.  In addition, each lesson outlines the props and the action steps needed to complete each lesson.  All of the props needed to teach the Circle Time lessons are provided in the CMH Kit and include picture cards, posters, or music on CD. Teachers also implement the imaginary trips in the classroom.

  4. Delivery of parent newsletters/materials: Reproducible parent newsletters (14) are provided in the Color Me Healthy Kit.  In addition, the CMH web site (www.colormehealthy.com) provides information to parents, including copies of the parent newsletters and the CMH songs available for free download.  A section of the web site is tailored for parents or others interested in healthy eating and physical activity for young children. There is also a section of the web site for professionals who are interested in purchasing copies of the CMH Kit.

Keys to Success

  • State staff that can facilitate training and promote the use of Color Me Healthy.

  • The Color Me Healthy Kit is professionally designed, full-color, and empowers child care providers to teach healthy eating and physical activity in the classroom.

  • The Trainer’s Manual that guides staff to deliver the trainings to child care providers in a systematic way.

  • Provision of training directly to child care providers enhances the likelihood that the program will be implemented in the classroom setting as intended.

  • Focus on the Color You Healthy lesson in the trainings enhances likelihood that child care providers will pay closer attention to their own eating and physical activity in order to serve as role models for the children.

Barriers to Implementation

  • Lack of parental awareness, buy-in, and active participation, as parental support is necessary in order to impact children’s increased consumption of fruits and vegetables and participation in physical activity outside of the child care setting.

  • Lack of administrator support for child care providers to be able to fully implement the Color Me Healthy program.

  • Child care center environmental factors such as rigid center schedules or space restrictions are barriers to implementing the physical activity component of the program.

  • High staff turnover, as it takes time for new staff to be trained to deliver the program.