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Healthy Food Environments Pricing Incentives


In 2006, NC Prevention Partners (NCPP) was funded by The Duke Endowment in a partnership with the NC Hospital Association to help NC hospitals go 100% tobacco-free.  In 2008, The Duke Endowment provided continued funding for NCPP and the NC Hospital Association to further improve the health environment by promoting healthy eating for employees and visitors in NC hospitals. 

The Healthy Food Environment (HFE) initiative is funded for three years with the goal that it will be fully implemented in more than 125 acute care hospitals across NC by 2011.  The $1.1 million grant is to transform hospital cafeterias, vending machines and food offerings at all hospital-related events. 

There are five principles in the overall Healthy Food Environment initiative (see conceptual model):

  • Provide access to healthy foods
  • Use pricing to promote healthy foods
  • Use marketing techniques to promote healthy foods
  • Use benefit design & incentives to encourage behavior change, and
  • Educate staff and visitors about healthy foods.

The Center of Excellence for Training and Research Translation’s (Center TRT’s) review of this intervention focused on implementation of the pricing principle at FirstHealth’s Moore Regional Hospital. 

Intended Population: Employees, volunteers, and visitors within hospital worksite settings

Setting: Worksite

Length of time in the field:  Since October 2007