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Riverside Unified School District Farmers’ Market Salad Bar Program

Before You Download...

This intervention has been carefully developed and implemented in elementary schools in Riverside, California. In order for it to be as effective for you as it has been for others, it is important that you follow implementation guidelines carefully and limit adaptation to just those things that can be adapted without sacrificing the quality of the intervention.

Before you download materials, please take a moment to read through the usage agreement.

Agreement for Users

Our intent is to use these materials for educational and/or research purposes. We will provide credit to the Riverside United School District Nutrition Services Department and the Center for Food and Justice at Occidental College as developers of the Farmers’ Market Salad Bar Program when reproducing materials in the original or in an adapted form.

Intervention Materials 

 Farmers’ Market Salad Bar Program Guide— Riverside Unified School District’s (RUSD) Nutrition Services created this guide to assist school food service directors in implementing their own salad bar program. It is a detailed “How-to” guide that includes a step-by-step tutorial on how to start a program, example menus, ordering forms, maintenance protocols, and more.

Harvest of the Month — Harvest of the Month provides promotional materials and lesson plans that include hands-on activities focused on a specific fruit or vegetable that is in season and highlighted during a particular month of the school-year. The monthly rotation of fruits and vegetables is specific to California’s growing season. Harvest of the Month website provides a wealth of educational resources and training.  To see the materials described above, click on Monthly Elements at www.harvestofthemonth.com.

Teacher Training — RUSD uses materials developed by California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom to train teachers how to incorporate agriculture-themed lessons into their classes. Training materials can be found at: www.cfaitc.org/index.php. Click on What’s Growin’ On in the Resources section to download the Teacher’s Supplement.

Monthly Education Newsletter — In collaboration with Riverside Department of Public Health, RUSD’s Nutrition Services provide schools with a monthly education newsletter that includes hand-on activities such as gardening and physical activities. To see examples of Educator newsletters, visit: www.harvestofthemonth.com/ed-newsletter.asp

Monthly Family Newsletter — RUSD’s Nutrition Services sends a monthly newsletter home with every child that includes recipes, healthy eating tips, and tips for selecting, storing and serving featured produce. To see examples of Family newsletters, visit: www.harvestofthemonth.com/family-newsletter.asp

Monthly Calendar Contest — Fourth, fifth and sixth grade students participate in a drawing/coloring contest featuring the fruit or vegetable of the month. Winners are included in a 12-month calendar and the grand prize winner is featured on the cover.