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Trailnet- Healthy Active Vibrant Communities

Resources Required

The primary resource required to implement this initiative is staff time, energy and commitment, and expertise in community organizing, nutrition and physical activity.  Trailnet supports a full-time project manager and a percent FTE of several staff that provide administrative support and expertise in nutrition, physical activity, and events coordination.  The success of this intervention depends on qualified staff with the necessary skills and background to conduct and manage the various HAVC activities.

Staff Time:

  • The Initiative began with funding for a 1.15 FTE with a continuing budget for 2.17 FTE beginning in 2008.  The staff currently operates at 2.17 FTE according to the following:
  • Community Services Development Director: 10%
  • Active Living Program Manager: 100%
  • HAVC Coordinator:  82%
  • HAVC Program Assistant: 12.5%

Task Force Members' Time: Task force members volunteer their personal time.  Beyond the 1-2 hours committed to general meetings each month, they easily spend an additional 2-12 hours meeting and working on specific projects.

Primary Funding: The primary funder for HAVC is the Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH). MFH funds cover salaries, benefits, supplies, conferences, travel, printing, the annual convening, and money for a biking or walking event for each partner community.

Supportive Funding: While the HAVC Initiative is funded by MFH, Trailnet staff continues to secure funding to supplement and support HAVC programming.  For example, Trailnet was able to secure money from a local foundation to administer a Safe Routes to School program at Clay Elementary School located in the Old North St. Louis task force area.  This program will support the HAVC initiative by increasing opportunities for children to walk to school while building social networks among the task force and school staff, students, and parents.

Additionally, HAVC task forces raise money to support additional projects.  Get Healthy De Soto secured sponsorships to support the De Soto Farmers Market and Live Well Ferguson! secured sponsorships for Sunday Parkways.

Other Resources: In addition to sharing expertise with and supporting professional development of others, Trailnet draws on resources in the community including municipal planners, public health educators, academics at local universities, and professionals with a variety of skills in the private and non-profit sectors to enhance its own expertise.  

To a lesser degree, resources were invested in continuing education opportunities for key community leaders. This appears to be a particularly successful method of gaining the support of policy makers and municipal leaders. For future HAVC programming, Trailnet would like to increase the funds budgeted for targeted continuing education and professional development of key community leaders and decision-makers.