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Trailnet- Healthy Active Vibrant Communities

Potential Public Health Impact

The findings from the Early Assessment1suggest that the intervention has potential for impact in municipalities. However, the potential for success or failure in neighborhoods is still emerging.

Reach: This initiative has the potential to reach all residents of targeted communities and could have similar reach if implemented in other communities that have the organizational infrastructure to support it. The citizens in the communities that are currently engaged in this initiative are economically, racially, and ethnically diverse.

Effectiveness: Financial resources have been allocated in municipalities to fund the construction of infrastructure supporting physical activity. Both municipalities have adopted “Complete Streets” policies. Additionally, barriers to the creation of a farmers market have been reduced in one municipality. Evidence of the effect of these changes on the built environment is emerging.

Adoption: The Trailnet HAVC model has been adopted by two suburban municipalities and one urban neighborhood.  It is reasonable to expect that the overall approach could be easily adapted and adopted by additional communities, with specific components tailored to the target community and target population.

Implementation:  Communities choose the specific policies, environmental changes, and events to be implemented.  This promotes acceptability to community leaders and residents which increases the feasibility of implementation.

Maintenance:  Sustainability is dependent on the infrastructure within targeted communities. However, because of the focus on structural change, it is likely that citizens will continue to benefit from improvements in the long-term. 

1 Trailnet HAVC participated in the Early Assessment of Programs and Policies to Prevent Childhood Obesity project, a collaborative effort of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, CDC Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity, CDC Division of Adolescent and School Health, and Macro International.  The findings in this section are based on the opinion of the site visitors and derived from the Trailnet HAVC  Summary Report ( December 2008).