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KaBOOM! Community Builds

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In addition to the community builds, there are supportive components that KaBOOM! implements to advocate for play:

  • Connect is an online community of people interested in building playgrounds and/or advocating for play in their communities where people can learn from one another and share experiences/knowledge.  http://kaboom.org/connect

  • KaBOOM! National Campaign for Play seeks to raise the issue of play to one of national importance through:

  • Playful City USA, a network of communities that share their experiences, develop exciting programs to support the health and well-being of their children, and strengthen their framework for a successful agenda on play. http://kaboom.org/help_save_play/playful_city_usa

  • Playmaker Network, a national network made up of individual advocates, deemed Playmakers, each working at the local level to ensure an abundance of time and space for play in their community. http://kaboom.org/help_save_play/playmaker_network


Reports Released By KaBOOM! can be found at the following link:

Program Contact

Danielle Marshall
4455 Connecticut Ave, Suite B100
Washington,DC 20008