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KaBOOM! Community Builds

Intervention Materials

The following can be downloaded from the Center TRT Website:

The resources available on www.kaboom.org for communities interested in a Do-It-Yourself build include:

  • Our Dream Playground is a free website that provides step-by-step guidance throughout the project and a forum for communicating with your team http://ourdreamplayground.org

  • The KaBOOM “Roadmap”  highlighting specific steps to successfully complete a playspace  project, in addition, to online presentations and resources regarding play equipment that is age-appropriate, fundraising, media communications, etc. http://kaboom.org/roadmap

  • Comprehensive toolkit that includes detailed instruction for each step, as well as tips based on the ten-plus years of experience with community builds http://kaboom.org/toolkit

  • Free online training sessions available for those interested in learning more about how to get corporate sponsorship, how to start the community-build process, asset mapping in your community, etc. http://kaboom.org/playschool

  • Online social network to ask questions and share knowledge/experience http://kaboom.org/connect

  • Resources on creating play environments that include benches, mural paintings, landscaping, etc. http://kaboom.org/sideprojects

  • Vendor directory with ratings based on experiences by others http://kaboom.org/vendors

  • A free, user-generated mapping tool called the KaBOOM! Map of Play, which allows communities to map the quantity, quality and locations of their playspaces to assess local needs.  Over 90,000 individual records are currently available. (This tool also is helping KaBOOM! to build a national map of play deserts). http://mapofplay.org