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Safe Routes to School- PedNet Coalition

Resources Required

Costs:  Program costs depend on the size and duration of the program.

  • In general, a Walk to School Day budget for 50-200 students can range from $200 to $500 (including a stipend for a coordinator, advertising costs, raffle prizes, and snacks).
  • A budget for a six-week Walking School Bus program for 20-50 students at one school can range from $500 to $2,000 (including a stipend for a coordinator, advertising costs, snacks, t-shirts, and incentives). 
  • A budget for a community-wide or district-wide (10 schools) Walking School Bus program with four daily routes that run all year can range from $30,000 to $60,000.
    • To maintain their program (450 children/12 schools), PedNet budgets $50,000/year for staff time and direct purchases.

Staff:  At a minimum, one full-time dedicated staff to act as Coordinator is needed to manage the program.  This person’s role may include such responsibilities as:

  • Planning and coordinating Walking School Bus program at 10-12 schools for 10-12 weeks each semester
  • Increasing outreach to and walking school bus programs in public housing neighborhoods
  • Planning and coordinating Walk to School Days in May and October as a strategy to increase participation in the Walking School Bus program
  • Managing a team of independent Walking School Bus Liaisons
  • Assisting with Bike Brigade programs
  • Teaching pedestrian and bicycle safety classes

In addition, one volunteer per walking or biking route is needed to chaperone the walk or bike to school.  If funding allows, a Walking School Bus Liaison at each school to coordinate and monitor the program is recommended.

Training: Volunteers need to be trained in pedestrian safety.

Materials: Flyers, posters, registration forms, letters (postage), maps, snacks, incentives, and Walking School Bus t-shirts.

Funding: Potential sources are a federal Safe Routes to School Non-infrastructure grant and foundation grants (such as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation or a statewide foundation).