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Cleveland – Cuyahoga County Food Policy Coalition (CCCFPC)

Resources Required

Staff:  One CCCFPC Coordinator (75% FTE: 30 hr/wk), a Project Coordinator (40% FTE), and occasional interns. Total personnel costs are estimated at $60,000 per year.  Some of the minimum qualifications for the Project Coordinator position include: BS or equivalent experience in community development, public policy or related field; Experience in conducting community outreach in an urban setting; Knowledge of the community’s infrastructure and culture; Experience in establishing and conducting educational presentations to small or large groups; and more.

Training: While no formal training is required, coalition staff may find the following skills/training helpful: conflict resolution; meeting facilitation; coalition building; policy development process; and project management.

Materials: No materials are required.

Funding: Various local foundations including the George Gund Foundation.  Estimated annual operating budget is $70,000 per year.

Other costs: The following are estimates for annual costs in addition to personnel:

  • Printing: $2,000 (includes publicly-distributed food guides)
  • Food/Refreshments: $1,000
  • Meeting Space Rental: $1,000
  • Website Design and Development: $2,500
  • Travel: $2500