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Cleveland – Cuyahoga County Food Policy Coalition (CCCFPC)

Potential Public Health Impact

Effectiveness in achieving population-level food access: The CCCFPC aims to establish policies that use several evidence-based strategies (listed in the Underlying Theory/Evidence section of this template and described fully on the Center TRT website).  These strategies aim to reduce barriers and increase healthy eating for all Cuyahoga County residents.  Some of these policies are already having an impact on the food environment in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County.  For example, the Farmers’ Market EBT Incentive Program has increased sales dramatically at many participating markets.  The Chickens and Bees Ordinance (2009) resulted in the City of Cleveland receiving 18 new applications within the first year after passage requesting permits to keep chickens, bees and other livestock on residential lots.1

The sustainability and continued success of the CCCFPC appears to depend a great deal on political will and motivated stakeholders, as well as a secure source of funding to support staff effort. While this is feasible in the case of the CCCFPC, there may be more hurdles to overcome in other locations/political environments.

Equity in distribution of improvements in healthy food access across population sub-groups: As described in the Health Equity section, the CCCFPC focuses much of its efforts on improving access to healthy food for residents who are low-income or live in areas with lower food access.  As described in the Underlying Theory/Evidence section, various policy initiatives such as the Farmers’ Market EBT Incentive Program specifically target low-income Cleveland and Cuyahoga County residents that participate in the federal SNAP program.

Cost effective in achieving improvements to the food system: The CCCFPC’s reliance on volunteer members, working group leaders, and advisory board members maximize the coalition’s access to resources while minimizing costs.

1 Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Food Policy Coalition, 2011. Chickens and Bees Ordinance: Cleveland Revamps Zoning Codes to Promote Urban Agriculture.  Available at http://cccfoodpolicy.org/sites/default/files/resources/chickens_and_bees_policy_summary_0.pdf.  Accessed 5-17-12.