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Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO): Active Transportation Funding Policy

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Nashville MPO website:

Specific sections of MPO's website that may be useful:

Other resources related to the MPO's transportation policies

Webinar: Leslie Meehan presented about the MPO's work on active transportation in a webinar produced by the American Public Health Association (APHA) called Community Health and Transportation Planning. The webinar can be found here:

National Prevention Plan: The MPO's policies are also included in the National Prevention Plan that was developed by 17 Federal agencies. See p.10 of the PDF available here:

Nashville Public Television documentary: The MPO was featured in a documentary made by Nashville Public Television (in the Obesity segment), available here:

Weight of the Nation Documentary: Nashville was featured in a segment of the Weight of the Nation documentary series about the obesity epidemic in the US. This segment is not explicitly about the Nashville Area MPO, but highlights the context the MPO works within and provides a good example of multiple efforts occurring in one city to turn the tide. The segment about Nashville can be found here:

Training/Technical Assistance available

Contact Leslie Meehan at the MPO (information below) to discuss technical assistance options.  


Leslie Meehan, AICP
Director of Healthy Communities
Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization

Michael Skipper, AICP
Executive Director
Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization