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Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO): Active Transportation Funding Policy

Before You Download...

The materials supporting this intervention have been carefully developed by the Nashville Metropolitan Planning Organization. They are meant to serve as example documents, not exact guidelines for successful intervention replication. Before you download materials, please take a moment to read through the usage agreement.

Agreement for Users

Our intent is to use these materials for educational and/or research purposes. We will provide credit to the Nashville Metropolitan Planning Organization and participating organizations, when reproducing materials in the original, or adapted, form.

Intervention Materials

  •  Technical Memo #4 for Bicycle and Pedestrian Study (2009)
  •  Project Evaluation Criteria — The Project Evaluation Criteria was applied to project proposals submitted for the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan.
  •  Infrastructure  and  non-infrastructure projects  scoring sheets used for the Active Transportation Program (ATP):  These are the sheets used to score and rank the project proposals submitted to the Active Transportation Program (15% of STP funding for active transportation infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects).
  • Questions included in the following surveys — These survey questions are the ones the Nashville MPO used in its formative work, described above:
    •  Survey 1 - Survey of Bike and Pedestrian Behaviors and Perceptions
    •  Survey 2 - Bike and Pedestrian Crash Survey
    •  Survey 3 - Regional Transportation Plan Survey