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Farm to Work (Texas)

Resources Required

Costs: The costs outlined below are specific to this Farm to Work program.  Depending on the worksite and program specifics, costs will vary

DSHS program costs included:

  • Website development - $2,600 (plus $1500 for annual maintenance)
  • Plastic bags for produce (4 boxes of 200, 13 gallon bags) - $120
  • Trade box bin (4, 12.5 gallon recycle bins) - $82
  • Signage - $150

Advertising and incentive items:

  • Posters (220, 11x17) - $235
  • Canvas bags with screen printed logo (580) - $4,965
  • T-shirts (50), aprons (50), and table skirts (24) with logo - $2,194
  • Promotional items such as recipe books (20) - $360

Staff:  Internal and external coordinators are needed for the responsibilities outlined in the Main Components section.

Training: External coordinator provides training to farmers in customer satisfaction and to worksite coordinator in start-up, promotions, and customer service.  External website coordinator provides training to farmers in use of the farmer-administrative section of the website where the farmer can update the basket contents and access the list of orders to fulfill, and also trains the external coordinator in use of administrative section of website to access the list of orders which includes customer order and contact information.

Materials: Clipboards, plastic bags, trade box bin at each site, posters, canvas bags, T-shirts, aprons, and table skirts, signage

Funding: Initial funding for the development of materials and the website was provided by DSHS.  Additional funding has been secured through private foundations, Texas Department of Agriculture (through Specialty Crop Block Grants), and City of Austin.  Some ongoing costs (staff time, promotional materials, web hosting and maintenance, payment processing charges) are offset by applying a 10% retainer to all sales.