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OSNAP Initiative: Strategies to Increase Drinking Water Access

Resources Required

Staff:  Information provided here extends to staff required to implement the full OSNAP intervention, not just to increasing drinking water access but to also implementing the other nutrition and physical activity components of the OSNAP model (see www.osnap.org):

  • Staff time to assess their program’s current policies and practices before implementation: One hour; this includes 5 to 10 minutes each day, for 5 days (about 25-50 minutes total), to do the practice assessment and about 20 minutes to do the policy assessment (one time).
  • OSNAP Coordinator/Facilitator time: 100 hours (includes time planning and leading the learning communities, providing on-going technical assistance, as well as meetings with school food service or others providing snacks). In Boston, this could be done for about $2000-$4,800 (lower end applies if a graduate student is employed to facilitate; the higher end if the employee is an organization’s staff member or a consultant facilitator).

Materials:  Materials required for increasing drinking water access:

  • 8-ounce Styrofoam recyclable cups = $0.01 per student per snack (this is the cost that Boston Public Schools were able to provide to students through their vendor contracts)
  • 5-gallon water coolers = $25-$121 each depending on type; one 5 gallon container is needed per 75 students (in Boston, programs acquired water coolers for $117 each, but cheaper water coolers are available from Amazon.com)
  • Cost for increased water consumption = $0.013/gallon tap water (tap water cost per gallon, taken from survey; average of 50 largest cities in the US, 2009/2010)
  • Pitchers = $10 each; 1 needed per 25 kids (based on experience in Boston)
  • Food & Fun hydration curriculum is available for download free of charge from the Food & Fun website (see Intervention Materials section)

Other Costs:

  • OSNAP provided stipends for afterschool staff to attend the learning communities @ $40 stipend per staff member per meeting. OSNAP’s costs for stipends for afterschool staff to participate in learning communities: 3 meetings per year, average of 2 staff per afterschool site, with approximately 10 sites participating = $2400.