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Healthy Food Procurement in the County of Los Angeles

Resources Required

Funding for the initiative initially came from CDC’s Communities Putting Prevention to Work cooperative agreement (2010-2012), with additional support from the Sodium Reduction in Communities Program (2010-2013). Part of the County’s Community Transformation Grant award will support the healthy food procurement initiative’s expansion, with sustained activities through 2016. 

Staff: Approximately 2.5 FTE DPH staff support the healthy food procurement initiative including a program manager who oversees the day-to-day operations of the initiative and nearly 2 FTE staff from DPH’s Research & Evaluation unit to support program evaluation. The Division’s Nutrition and Physical Activity program has two registered dieticians who also support the healthy food procurement initiative.

Materials: To facilitate successful implementation, DPH has created a series of implementation guides to be used by County staff and vendors dealing with food purchasing. These guides are intended to serve as implementation aides, whereas the actual nutritional requirements are outlined in the individual contracts that are agreed upon between the specific County department and the food service vendors selected though the RFP process. DPH has also developed an overview “Creating Healthy Food Environments” issue brief and promotional signage for cafeteria environments such as table tents and signage to promote healthier menu items. 

Other Costs: The healthy food procurement initiative required start-up costs for signage, promotional education materials, and the development of adoption aids, implementation guides, and program evaluation protocols. In addition, other indirect costs included “in-kind” expertise from members of an advisory committee which oversaw strategic planning for the initiative.