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Decreasing Screen Time and Other Sedentary Behaviors



A preschool/childcare-based intervention program targeting television/video viewing by 2.6-5.5 year-olds and their parents.  The intervention included 7 – 20-minute interactive classroom sessions, materials and activities sent home to parents, and rewards for TV Turn-off Week.


A clinic-based program targeting inner city children and their parents.  Participants received educational brochures, a 15-20-minute counseling session focused on behavioral strategies for limiting TV, videotape and videogame viewing, and an electronic TV time monitor.


A school-based intervention aimed at 3-4th graders targeting television, videotape, and videogame use.  The intervention was guided by social cognitive theory; 18 classroom sessions were used to influence student’s values, skills, and environment over 6 months. 


A community-based program targeting 8-12 year-olds’ and their families’ screen time.  The intervention included weekly child and parent counseling sessions over a 6-month period, journaling, and performance feedback with rewards.


A community-based intervention targeting overweight 8-12 year olds.  Children accumulated physical activity points to earn television/videotape/videogame viewing time controlled by a “Token TV” device.