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Education for Mothers about Breastfeeding during Prenatal and Intrapartum Periods



Infant feeding classes taught at a hospital. Classes include an overview of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines, indications for alternate feeding methods, and education on the three feeding phases during the first year of life.


A program for low-income, African-American women using a prenatal clinic included classes addressing the decision to breastfeed, common breastfeeding myths, benefits of breastfeeding, basic skills in breastfeeding, and breastfeeding demonstrations from past class participants. Participants also received a one-time individual lactation counseling session during the postpartum period.


A community program targeting Asian women seeking family planning care included 12 weekly sessions led by trained professionals covering breastfeeding and other topics related to pregnancy. Participants also received printed materials on breastfeeding.


Health insurance plans can provide breastfeeding education for their members, such as a lactation support program to its members. As part of this program, enrollees who are pregnant can take a prenatal breastfeeding class at no charge.


A state government organization provides a variety of training programs for persons who will provide breastfeeding education to mothers. All training classes provide continuing education credit