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Food and Beverage Marketing to Favor Healthy Foods and Beverages

Resources and Tools


  • Eat Smart, Move More Media Room (Eat Smart, Move More North Carolina)
    This page links to all the media components of the “Eat Smart, Move More” community wide campaign. Types of mass media available for free include press releases, TV ads, billboards, a logo usage style guide, print ads, radio ads, and obesity statistics. Also, there is a toolkit teaching practitioners how to incorporate media into their campaigns.

  • ENACT Strategy: Food Marketing- Restrict the Ability of Food and Beverage Companies to Market Unhealthy Food (The Prevention Institute)
    These resources can help counteract the marketing of unhealthy food and beverage products to vulnerable and priority populations like children, residents of low-income neighborhoods, and communities of color. The suggested key strategies address marketing’s “Four Ps” (product, place, promotion, and price) and can be implemented at both federal and local levels to enhance healthy food marketing while restricting harmful practices.


  • Captive Kids: $elling Obesity at Schools (California Project Lean)
    This toolkit is an action guide for reducing the marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages on school campuses. It includes key steps to develop policy that addresses marketing at schools, answers to legal questions, talking points, case studies, fact sheets, and more. The last several pages are the most action-oriented.

  • Healthy Schools Program (Alliance for a Healthier Generation)
    This program provides onsite, web-based support and tools for implementing programs and policies that promote physical activity and healthy eating. The website provides a collection of tools, an extensive resource database, training resources and programs, and essential information for schools. Particularly useful tools for this strategy include the School Beverage Guide Toolkit, Competitive Foods Guidelines, Healthy Schools Product Navigator, and Healthy Schools Product Calculator.