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Media Campaigns and Social Marketing Promoting Breastfeeding

Resources and Tools


  • Loving Support Makes Breastfeeding Work (Women, Infants, and Children Works, United States Department of Agriculture)
    This website describes a national social marketing breastfeeding campaign, Loving Support, and includes sample tools, goals, key messages, target areas, and promotional materials which can be used to develop a breastfeeding campaign.  The website also provides information on other breastfeeding promotion projects.
  • Every Ounce Counts Media Toolkit Breastfeeding Campaign Toolkit (WIC)
    This toolkit is distributed to all local agency breastfeeding coordinators in Texas. It contains all of the media components (two radio commercials, four television commercials, and three outdoor public service announcements), a sample press release and discussion points for the Every Ounce Counts breastfeeding campaign.
  • Every Ounce Counts Commercials (WIC)
    These are previews of the radio and television commercials for the Every Ounce Counts breastfeeding campaign, offered in both English and Spanish.