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Point-of-Purchase and Point-of-Decision Labeling to Favor Healthy Foods and Beverages

Resources and Tools


  • ENACT Strategy: Store Displays (The Prevention Institute)
    Targeting the neighborhood food environment, this strategy emphasizes limiting advertising for unhealthy foods and enhancing displays for healthier items. The site contains a collection of resources addressing characteristics of family-friendly food stores, model programs, tools, and model policies.

  • Be Informed Be Healthy (Public Health- Seattle and King County)
    This public education campaign encourages chain restaurant customers to read menu labels and use the information to make healthier choices. Resources include public service radio announcements, educational materials, a Healthy Eating website, and a Nutrition Labeling Educational Toolkit with posters, flyers, and games for all ages.

  • Guiding Stars Food Rating System (Guiding Stars Licensing Company)
    Guiding Stars is an objective food rating system for grocery stores and cafeterias that is not influenced by price, brand or manufacturer trade groups. The more nutritional value a food has, the more Guiding Stars it receives. One star indicates good, two stars better, and three stars the best nutritional value (based on vitamin, mineral, dietary fiber, whole grain, fat, cholesterol, sugar and sodium content). This system is one that can be implemented in food retail and eating places to inform customers about the nutritional value of possible food and beverage choices.

  • Minimum Standards for Healthy Food and Beverage Selections in Vending Machines (Kaiser Permanente Northwest)
    Pages 14 to 16 of this “Public School Wellness Policy Toolkit” feature clear nutrition standards for vending machine food and beverage products. The “excellent” or “acceptable” vending choices have point-of-sale labels next to them, and basic nutritional criteria are posted on the vending machine.