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School-Based Physical Activity and Physical Education

Resources and Tools


  • Wellness Policy Tool (Action for Healthy Kids)
    This web-based tool helps guide the development of a school wellness policy by dividing the process into eight steps.  Each step includes objectives, sample language, critical information, online resource links, and FAQ from a virtual wellness policy team.

  • Physical Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (CDC)
    This tool is designed to help educators assess the alignment of written curricula and practice with national standards, guidelines, and best practices for physical education programs. Also, the resource provides guidance, suggestions, and useful materials for improving school programs based on assessment results.

  • Resources to Improve Schools (Action for Healthy Kids)
    This is a collection of resources and tools designed to help schools encourage healthy eating. It includes a database searchable by topic, audience, material type, target age, partner, and/or state. Information is provided on vending/snacks, a la carte foods, wellness policies, coordinated school health policies, marketing, and nutrition education under the “food at school” topic.

  • Healthy Schools Program Resources and Tools (Alliance for a Healthier Generation)
    This program was developed to provide on-site and web-based support and tools for implementing programs and policies that promote physical activity and healthy eating. Tools provided include an extensive resource database, training resources and programs, and essential physical activity and nutrition program information for schools.

  • Planet Health (Harvard School of Public Health)
    This complete curriculum helps academic, physical education, and health education teachers guide middle school students in learning about nutrition and physical activity, while building skills in language arts, math, science, and social studies.  The curriculum includes understanding how health behaviors are interrelated, choosing healthy foods, increasing physical activity, and limiting TV and other screen time. Materials must be purchased.

  • Eat Well and Keep Moving (Harvard School of Public Health)
    This curriculum is similar to Planet Health, but it is directed toward a slightly younger age group and focused on upper elementary school age students. This curriculum prepares teachers to incorporate nutrition and physical activity into language arts, math, science, and social studies lessons. The goals of the program are to help students choose healthy foods, increase physical activity, and limit TV and other screen time. Materials must be purchased.

  • Playworks Playbook (Playworks)
    This resource emphasizes that recess and play are essential to child development, improve the school climate, and help children return to the classroom more focused and ready to learn. Playworks’ playbook for teachers includes ideas for recess including Ice Breakers, Building Sports Readiness, Tag Games, Cooperative Games, and others.