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Social Support for Healthy Eating



A clinic-based intervention targeted postmenopausal women who reported diets high in fat. Nutritionists led group sessions for women, who first met weekly for 6 weeks, followed by biweekly visits for 6 weeks, monthly visits for 9 months, and finally quarterly visits for another year. Participants created individualized goals for nutritional and behavior change and supported each other by sharing experiences, role playing, and helping solve problems.


A school-based intervention targeted families of obese children. Parents attended 14 support and educational group sessions led by a clinical dietitian, first meeting weekly for 4 weeks, followed by biweekly for 8 weeks, and then once every 6 weeks for 9 months. Topics discussed focused on increasing knowledge about healthy eating and related behaviors as well as increasing skills to support healthy eating behavior for themselves and their children (e.g., modeling and problem solving).

 Research-Tested Intervention Programs (RTIPs


Eating for a Healthy Life is a dietary change intervention administered by a faith-based organization to promote healthier eating choices for individuals and families. EHL includes a comprehensive manual and a step-by-step training guide to be implemented over an approximately nine month period.


Body and Soul is a faith-based program that aims to increase fruit and vegetable consumption through community events and church policy changes.


New Moves is a program for adolescent girls designed to promote behavioral changes, including healthy eating and physical activity, in a supportive environment that is accepting of different body types. New Moves is administered in a school physical education class over the course of a school year.


Planet Health uses an interdisciplinary curriculum, infused into regular school subjects, to improve activity and dietary behaviors among 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. The program is delivered by classroom teachers to all students, not just those who are obese, and includes both nutrition and physical activity components.


The StrongWomen – Healthy Hearts program is a community-based intervention designed to reduce cardiovascular disease risk in sedentary midlife and older women who are overweight or obese. The 12 week curriculum includes both physical activity and dietary components.