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Overview of Sustainability

The Center TRT's sustainability efforts focus on providing public health practitioners guidance and tools to help them build sustainability capacity within their programs, allowing them to maintain their program's essential activities and benefits over time. Public funds support a number of innovative public health policies, programs and services yet many times these initiatives are not sustained when their initial funding ends.1   Finding ways to sustain significant investments, infrastructure and services continues to be a major challenge.

Since 2011 Center TRT has collaborated with the Center for Public Health Systems Science (CPHSS) at Washington University in St. Louis.   They have developed a Sustainability Assessment Tool that has undergone reliability testing2 and can be used by programs in a variety disciplines and settings to understand and plan for sustainability.3  Click here  to learn more about the Sustainability Assessment Tool.                                  

Using this Sustainability Framework and Assessment Tool, Center TRT has provided training and technical assistance to state-level nutrition, physical activity and obesity prevention programs to assess their program sustainability capacity and has guided them through a process to develop tailored sustainability action plans.  

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