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Healthy Change: Putting Local and State Food Policy to Work for your Communities Webinar

The Center TRT hosted Mark Winne from CDC on July 13, 2012. Focusing on the role of local and state food policy councils in promoting healthy and sustainable food systems, this webinar examined how food policy councils have engaged food system stakeholders and policy makers to increase access to healthy and affordable food, promote locally produced food and procurement, and reduce food insecurity. The presentation featured three brand new food policy council resources recently developed by the Community Food Security Coalition, the Center for Disease Control, and the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic. The first resource is an updated census and interactive map of food policy councils in North America. The second is a manual titled "Getting Started: Developing and Operating More Effective Food Policy Councils." And lastly, a local food policy toolkit titled "Putting Local Food Laws, Regulations, and Policy to Work for You."


Mark Winne
Food Policy Council Project Director 


 Healthy Change Webinar Slides