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Riverside Unified School District's Farmer's Market Salad Bar Program Webinar

Farmers’ Market Salad Bars – A Farm to School Approach

The Center TRT hosted Rodney Taylor, with the Riverside Unified School District (RUSD), on June 21, 2011 to share RUSD’s Farmers’ Market Salad Bar ProgramThis initiative has demonstrated significant successes at providing greater access to fresh fruits and vegetables to public school children in 29 elementary schools, increasing fruit and vegetable consumption among those students who choose to eat from the salad bar, and creating positive relationships between school food service staff members and students, administrators, teachers and parents.

RUSD’s Farmers’ Market Salad Bar Program is the primary component of the Farm to School program that RUSD’s Nutrition Services coordinates. RUSD’s Farmers’ Market Salad Bar Program changed the school food environment to increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables and shifted the center of the plate away from the entrée and toward fruits and vegetables. Although the salad bar component of the program was started with grant funds, the program was quickly integrated into the Nutrition Services budget. Six years into the program, it continues to be financially solvent.

This hour-long webinar provided a brief overview of Riverside Unified School District’s Farmers’ Market Salad Bar Program, a pricing policy intervention in worksite settings, posted on the Center TRT website and included the following:

  • a Center TRT overview of the intervention review, including core elements, evidence-base, and public health impact (10 mins)
  • a presentation by intervention developers on the implementation of the Farmers’ Market Sald Bar program, including lessons learned and resources (40 mins)
  • a Q & A session (10 minutes)


Rodney K. Taylor
Nutrition Services Director
Riverside Unified School District


 RUSD Webinar Slides