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Connecticut Breastfeeding Initiative

Before You Download...

The materials supporting this intervention have been carefully developed by the Connecticut Department of Public Health and the Connecticut Breastfeeding Coalition. They are meant to serve as example documents, not exact guidelines for successful intervention replication. Before you download materials, please take a moment to read through the usage agreement.

Agreement for Users

Our intent is to use these materials for educational and/or research purposes. We will provide credit to the Connecticut Department of Public Health and the Connecticut Breastfeeding Coalition, when reproducing materials in the original, or adapted, form.

Tools available to help in implementation

  •  Toolkit cover letter. Provides guidance on what to include in a toolkit at the beginning of an initiative like the CBI. (The content of the toolkit is not available as it contains proprietary information.)

  •  CBI Hospital Assessment Form. This is the assessment form the CBI used to select hospitals for participation in the Baby-Friendly project.

  •  Training for Ten Steps Projects. This document was compiled by the CBI consultant and provides several training options (online and in-person, with a range of pricing) for fulfilling the training required as part of the Baby-Friendly process.

  • Baby-Friendly USA Training Document. This guidance document is from Baby-Friendly USA and discusses the training component required in the BFHI. Available here (click on “What are my options to train my staff as required by step 2?”): http://prod-bfusa.herokuapp.com/get-started/faqs  

  • Program sustainability materials (Coming Soon!). Provides guidance on planning for program sustainability. Please refer to the “Sustainability” section of the Center TRT website for documents to help in planning for sustainability.

  • Sample Baby-Friendly USA Self-Appraisal. Please contact Baby-Friendly USA for information about the Self-Appraisal tool. Sample tool available on Baby-Friendly USA website: http://www.babyfriendlyusa.org/get-started/d1-discovery.