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Baltimore Healthy Stores (BHS)

Resources Required

Staff: Identify a lead agency and other agencies and community organizations to support the effort. The full-time equivalent (FTE) staff position(s) required for one complete implementation of the intervention will depend on the number of stores included in the program at one time.  It is estimated that 1 FTE will be required for every 8-10 stores involved in the intervention.

Staff will be needed to perform the following responsibilities:

  • Project coordination:  to oversee the entire project, manage community involvement, partner collaboration (e.g., KAGRO), staff training, materials development

  • Implementation: to deliver the program to stores

  • Evaluation: a small percent FTE of an evaluator’s time is recommended


  • Training session for store owners: 1-2 hours per store

  • Implementation training: 1-2 days for base training, 1 day prior to each new phase for booster trainings


  • Cost to modify existing or develop new materials

  • Cost to reproduce program materials for each store is estimated at $250/store (including promotional items)

  • Cost of providing wholesaler gift cards and/or the provision of small amounts of the target foods to the store owners is estimated at $250/store ($50/phase of the BHS intervention)