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Color Me Healthy

Intervention Materials

(Materials last revised: Summer 2007)

The Color Me Healthy curriculum materials are listed below. 

To see a preview and description of each of the components of the Color Me Healthy Kit, please click here.

Color Me Healthy Kits can be purchased at: http://www.colormehealthy.com.  A few of these kit materials are available for free download.

The Color Me Healthy Kit*

  • Teacher’s Guide

  • 4 sets of picture cards

  • 3 color classroom posters

  • CD with seven original songs

  • 14 reproducible parent newsletters

  • 2 color posters designed for parents

*Selected materials available in Spanish

The Color Me Healthy web site

  • Copies of parent newsletters – English and Spanish

  • Color Me Healthy songs available for free download

  • Information for families on healthy eating and physical activity

  • Color Me Healthy recipes

  • Ability to purchase copies of the kit

  • Information for public health professionals

The Color Me Healthy Training Manual

  • Manual available for staff who will be training child care providers.