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Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative

Health Equity Considerations

Fresh Food Financing Initiative is a state-level policy designed to increase access to affordable, quality, healthful foods in underserved areas by providing critical, one-time loans and grants for the development, expansion or renovation of fresh food retail establishments, such as supermarkets or grocery stores. Eligible communities are defined as low- or moderate-income census tracts, areas of below-average supermarket density, areas with a supermarket customer base where the majority live in a low-income census tract or in other areas demonstrated to have significant access limitations to supermarkets due to travel distance.

Since it aims to increase the geographic access and availability of healthy foods in underserved areas in both urban and rural parts of Pennsylvania, this program has the potential to broadly reach low- to moderate-income populations.

Additionally, several other states and cities have passed similar legislation; they are New York, Illinois, New Jersey and the city of New Orleans, LA.