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KaBOOM! Community Builds

Underlying Theory/Evidence

Strategy Used1:

This program seeks to:

Findings from the Early Assessment2:

Site visitors that conducted an early assessment of KaBOOM! concluded the following:

  • The underlying theoretical model is social change and this is implicit in the approach that the organization takes in empowering communities.  This is a model example of social change using the playspace as the catalyst.
  • It is expected that by providing the community with great playspaces, children will play (be physically active) more often, with greater intensity and duration, and come back more often to do so, which will help address childhood obesity.

1 A full description of the intervention strategies used can be found here with references to the sources of evidence to support the strategies. 

2 KaBOOM! participated in the Early Assessment of Programs and Policies to Prevent Childhood Obesity project, a collaborative effort of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, CDC Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity, CDC Division of Adolescent and School Health, and Macro International.  The findings in this section are based on the opinion of the site visitors and derived from the KaBOOM!  Summary Report (August 2008).