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KaBOOM! Community Builds

Potential Public Health Impact

Reach: This intervention has the potential to reach many children and families in close proximity to a built playground/playspace within a community. Almost four million children have been served by KaBOOM!-led, community-built playspaces.    

Effectiveness: There are over 2,000 KaBOOM-led community-built playspaces, and over 3,000 Do-It-Yourself Playspaces.

Adoption and Implementation: There are KaBOOM! playspaces in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada.  Given the widespread expansion of the intervention across the country, it appears that implementation is feasible. In addition, KaBOOM! resources are available for free and in many cases, communities will use the Community-Build Model without direct input from KaBOOM!, so the possibility exists that many more playspaces go un-counted each year.

Maintenance: Sustainability is dependent on the infrastructure within targeted communities, the emphasis on maintenance throughout the application and planning processes, and the widespread community engagement throughout the project. At the end of the day the community pride in the transformed space and the community ownership, when optimally employed, will go a long way toward ensuring the long-term maintenance of the space.