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Farm to Work (Texas)

Potential Public Health Impact

Reach:  This intervention reached 8,707 employees across 36 sites from November 2007 – September 2012.  Of the total eligible population to participate in the program, the proportion reached is unknown.  Findings suggest that most of those reached were white, female, and in the upper income level.  However, it is unknown whether participants were representative of the total population of DSHS employees.  If Farm to Work programs could be incorporated into worksites nationwide, they could have significant reach to the population.

Effectiveness:  At this time, there is not enough research evidence to conclude that this program succeeded in significantly improving access to fresh produce.  That would require an assessment of how many people who participated would not have been able to get similar products through their stores or farmer’s markets.  However, it makes logical sense that adding one more opportunity for people to obtain produce over the course of their daily activities is likely to make it easier for them overall in their efforts to obtain healthy food.  The intervention provided access to locally grown produce in worksites at a price that was slightly less than what produce would have cost to purchase in area supermarkets.  The effects that the intervention had on consumption of fruits and vegetables are unknown.

Adoption:  Participating worksites increased from 2 to 36 between 2007 and 2012, providing support for the intervention’s adoptability.

Implementation:  The intervention appears to be well implemented.  Customers are generally satisfied although some wanted more variety and more choice.  The intervention materials provide considerable detail on how the program was implemented, which may be of value to others wanting to replicate a farm to worksite program.

Maintenance:  The intervention has been maintained since 2007.  Considerable staffing and some material resources are required to administer the program.