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The Center TRT translation efforts focus on providing practitioners with the best available evidence and approaches related to the prevention and control of obesity.

The Interventions section of the website provides resources designed to support the planning, implementation, and evaluation of evidence-supported nutrition, physical activity and obesity prevention interventions.   The following content areas are provided in this section:

Strategies provide broad approaches about the best options available for intervening.  

Interventions can be research-tested or practice-based and are generally multi-component, have core elements that define them, and provide ways of intervening that are likely to have a public health impact.  

  • Research-tested interventions have been published in the peer reviewed literature.
  • Practice-tested interventions have evidence derived from practice in the form of evaluation data or reports.
  • Emerging interventions are practice-based interventions that have been successfully implemented and show promise based on their underlying theory and approach but which have not yet been fully evaluated in the field.

If you are interested in how the Center TRT developed its systematic process to identify, review, translate and disseminate evidence-based information and interventions, click on Intervention Review Process .