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Active Transportation

Resources and Tools


  • Active Transportation for America
    This document makes the case for increased federal investment in “active transportation,” or bicycling and walking, with a focus on obesity prevention.

  • Creating a Roadmap for Producing and Implementing a Bicycle Master Plan (Active Living Resources)
    The Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) presents a comprehensive review of the many policies, procedures, and practices – as well as the physical infrastructure of communities – that affect bicycling. It recommends ways communities can make bicycling safer and more convenient with street improvements, bicycle parking facilities, new city policies, and education programs.

  • Chicago’s Bike Lane Design Manual
    Using the success story of Chicago, this guide shows how bicycles can be retrofitted into an existing street system. The Chicago Department of Transportation has compiled a series of technical drawings and design specifications for bike lanes to provide clear and comprehensive design guidelines to city, county, and state transportation agencies, engineers, technicians, planners, citizens, and elected officials working on road projects with bike lanes.

  • Utah Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan Design Guide
    This resource is a step-by-step workbook that can be used by planners, engineers, elected officials and community residents to create more opportunities for active transportation. The plan also includes charts explaining how to find key information, photographs of successful active transportation examples, walkability and bikeability assessment checklists, additional resources, and more.


  • Kids Walk-to-School
    This community-based program aims to increase opportunities for daily physical activity by encouraging children to walk to and from school in groups accompanied by adults. Resources include a community presentation, resources, and tips for building enthusiasm and working with the media and trouble-shooting.

  • National Center for Safe Routes to School Resource Center (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
    This resource center for Safe Routes to School provides a wealth of how-to and practical resources in the following categories: New Programs, Training, Reports, Promoting Safe Routes to School, Promoting Walk to School, and the Five E’s (Engineering, Education, Evaluation, Enforcement, and Encouragement).