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Education for Mothers about Breastfeeding during Prenatal and Intrapartum Periods

Resources and Tools


  • An Easy Guide to Breastfeeding (Department of Health and Human Services)
    This publication provides information on the benefits of breastfeeding for baby, mother and society, and provides frequently asked questions and answers about breastfeeding. This guide is offered in Spanish, Chinese, English, and in specific English versions for African American and Native American/Alaska Native women.

  • Breastfeeding and Baby-led Weaning DVD Clips (Mark-It Television)
    Filmed in a breastfeeding clinic in Oxford, these downloadable DVDclips help mothers practice breastfeeding by providing a model for the new mother to watch. Women who have had little contact with breastfeeding previously can have an easier learning process after watching what to do and what to avoid.

  • Breastfeeding Fact Sheets (Public Health- Seattle andKingCounty)
    These fact sheets are two-page, easy-to-read educational handouts for mothers. Topics include “Why Breastfeed?”, “Getting Started- The First Month”, “Breastfeeding Positions”, “Latching On”, “Common Problems”, “Hand Expression”, “Using the Electric and Hand Pump” and more.