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Social Support for Physical Activity

Resources and Tools


  • Healthy Women Build Healthy Communities (Bright Futures for Women’s Health and Wellness, United States Department of Health and Human Services)
    This toolkit helps women plan, execute, and evaluate a physical activity and/or healthy eating event in their community. The toolkit emphasizes social support and is based on 10 Building Blocks which provide guidance, resources, and examples. The Administrators Handbook has additional assistance and materials to accompany the toolkit.

  • Active Bodies, Active Minds: Healthy Habits (University of Washington Center for Public Health Nutrition)
    This site offers posters, activities, and handouts for families seeking to increase physical activity, decrease screen time, and develop healthy habits. All resources are offered in English and Spanish.


  • Workplace Physical Activity Framework (Alberta Active Living Strategy)
    Alberta’s Workplace Framework serves as a blueprint for developing and maintaining workplace physical activity programs. The tool is divided into three phases targeting the workplace at multiple levels. It is intended for use with the Audit Tool (included).